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Database monitoring is essential for successful database operation. Timely identification of database issues will help your database remain healthy and accessible. Without carefully planned monitoring and alerting, database outages can remain undetected until the damage is done, creating unwanted business costs and damaging business reputation.

Database monitoring with custom scripts can be very time-consuming. For a business with multiple database servers, it can be time-consuming and costly to log-on to each database, run scripts, then gather and analyse the results. To carry out this repetitive process for each database can unfortunately consume full-time, expensive resources.

With just one or two database servers, manual monitoring can be possible, but for larger numbers of database servers, simply increasing the DBA team is not a cost-effective or realistic option.

Database Monitoring and Alerting

At PMC, we monitor customer databases 24x7x365. We act promptly on alerted issues and notify customers in the event of critical events that threaten system operations. Our customers also receive regular status reports detailing database health and activities performed. 

Benefits of PMC database monitoring:

  • Improved application availability 
  • Database performance issues swiftly highlighted
  • Early detection of database outages, failures & table corruptions.
  • DBA team released to focus on project work and improvement programmes

Monitoring Dashboards

The suite of PMC Database Monitoring Dashboards deliver DBA level insights to you and your business, from Executive level Summary Dashboards, to detailed dashboards for either the PMC DBA team, or our customers’ internal technical teams. Our dashboards accurately report on activity within the database environment at all times. 

Once an issue is identified, our DBA will immediately troubleshoot the problem, to reduce issue response and resolution times and meet internal business SLAs. PMC’s database monitoring and alerting service provides a single view of all databases, instances and server health.


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