Database Management and Support

When it comes to Database Management and Support, the initial consideration is commonly cost efficiency, whether the work is managed in-house or outsourced. Yet this can be a false economy if the management solution fails to take full account of business requirements. A more robust evaluation of Retail Database Management solutions will recognise the distinction between database monitoring and a more comprehensive service, encompassing monitoring, resolution and database improvement.

The choice to resource the Database Management provision in-house, or to outsource, also requires careful consideration. What appears to be a cost effective, in-house solution may have major shortcomings when a database failure occurs at an unsupported time, outside of office hours. If the rapid access required to specific datasets is compromised, due to a lock or block in the Enterprise database or any one of a retailer’s multiple databases, the impact can be measured in lost sales and compromised customer service.

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Why PMC?

Your Trusted Partner:

We pride ourselves in the delivery of business-critical services that keep your retail IT systems in the best of health. We are a trusted provider of remote Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA) support services as part of their Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering.

A Flexible and Tailored Approach:

From a one-off service to a fully managed solution, our tailored approach ensures we can meet the exact needs of your business. With teams based in the UK and in India, we have the flexibility and scale to provide cost effective solutions to help support your systems, 365/24/7.

Peace of Mind:

We are subject matter experts performing remote DBA support with years of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBA experience. Specialising in supporting clients with mission-critical retail database systems that require a high level of performance and reliability, PMC uses a combination of custom scripts and monitoring tools.

With PMC’s trusted team of DBAs supporting your environment around the clock, you have the peace of mind that your data is accessible and performing as expected.