Database Support and Management

PMC provides Database Administration (DBA) services, ranging from a full Administration and Management Service, to smaller and more targeted Support and Monitoring solutions, to deliver high database performance and availability.

The Importance of correct Database Management 

Organisations today operate innumerable databases to enable a host of core business processes, from in store sales transactions to supply chain stock movements. The choice to resource the Database Management in-house, or to outsource, requires careful consideration. Database management can present a series of risks and issues. These range from database performance and compliance with security policies and procedures, to obsolescence, or absence of a database disaster recovery plan.

Lack of regular attention on databases can result in a build-up of issues. Technology transformation programmes can also highlight the need for improved database performance. The business may be unable to internally resource a 24/7 database support team, or recognise that costly, internal resources still represent a potential single point of failure, especially if a database failure occurs at an unsupported time, outside of office hours.

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PMC Database Managed Services

PMC DBA Services encompass the 24/7 management, administration, maintenance, monitoring, alerting, event management and the improvement of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database systems, irrespective of the application to which the database is associated.

We can also provide back-up and recovery plans, database problem management and incident resolution, including major incident management or Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. Our database teams can deliver development projects for the design, configuration and maintenance of database interfaces and connected applications. Our service provision can also include security assessments and data cleansing for GDPR compliance.

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