Database Health Checks Service

Discovery, Analysis, Review

PMC offers an in-depth Database Health Checks for SQL Server and Oracle databases. We assess whether databases are appropriately configured and identify if data is at risk from weak database recovery or security issues.

Keeping up with new releases and service packs is important for database security and stability. Whilst multiple factors can affect the performance and overall health of a database, PMC will quickly identifiy issues and potential problems which might affect your database availability.

To help you prevent performance deterioration, data loss, security breaches and system availability loss, we analyse the database structure. For recurrent database problems, PMC will also troubleshoot and build root cause analysis and documentation. We will provide evaluations of backups, recovery, storage and performance tuning of the database.

The Database Health Checks Report

The detailed Health Check Report provides a full assessment of your SQL and/or Oracle Server. Once completed, PMC will present and explain clear recommendations based on our findings. The Health Check report covers: 

  • Areas of concern
  • Hardware information
  • Database server configuration
  • Database backup strategy
  • Database Configuration
  • Database Security
  • Review current and future system updates
  • Database performance
  • Index management

PMC Database Health Check Service in three Simple Steps


We discuss with you your concerns and any current issues, then agree on an appropriate timeframe to collect data. We’ll ensure that peak workloads are captured, but that no disruption is caused to your processes, teams or infrastructure.

Discover and Analyse

The Discovery stage comprises 9 different categories, encompassing over 100 checks. We will analyse if there are any operational issues, such as deadlocks, blocking, long-running queries, poor index management and any number of other issues.


PMC will present your comprehensive Health Check report and documented recommendations to you and your team with an opportunity to address any questions you may have.

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