Founded in 1988, Akshar Trust runs a Center for children with hearing impairment and teacher training. Akshar Trust endeavours to enable children with hearing impairment lead a useful, happy, and fulfilling life of self-reliance and academic excellence. Akshar Trust started its journey with five students and today is home to over 135 students.

PMC has been significantly involved in supporting the nominated community charity at every level. It is PMC’s core belief in equality and opportunity for all which has led to the support of Akshar trust, a Vadodara based NGO, since 2008.

PMC support Akshar Trust in many different ways:

Today, six former Akshar Graduates are now building successful careers with PMC, working as Software Test Analysts, in Operational Support, HR, and Finance. PMC is implementing an additional program of support and continued assessment-based learning.

"It is the sustained support of PMC to Akshar Trust that is a unique model. It helps Akshar to focus on its core work confident that the corporate is available to provide IT and other much-needed help. It is, indeed an invaluable relationship for Akshar." - Ms. Nisha Grover, Hon. Founder director, Akshar Trust.