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20 Years of PMC and where it all began

This week, PMC is marking ‘20 Years of PMC’ with our virtual ‘Company Week’. It’s a great opportunity for us to share the story of how PMC came into being, to talk about the enduring vision of PMC Founder and Chairman, Paul Mason, and remember the key milestones along the way.

Going the Extra Mile

Today, PMC is a leading Technology Service Provider operating internationally with a multitude of retailer and B2C customers, from Tier 1 global retailers to rapidly growing, national retailers and service based organisations.

20 Years ago, PMC was born out of the vision of its Founder and Chairman, Paul Mason, to create a business that would go the extra mile and always do the right thing for customers, partners and employees.

Initially providing high-end consultancy services to retailers, PMC rapidly expanded to offer Project Delivery, Application Support, Testing, and Managed Services through experienced teams with retail sector specific expertise.

Talent and Expertise

2007 saw the establishment of PMC India. This significant step gave PMC an opportunity to access the growing talent pool in India, which over the last 20 years has enabled PMC to nurture over 300 India-based colleagues with exceptional levels of expertise and experience.

The founding of PMC India also marks the creation of the PMC company mindset described as ‘one company, two locations’. There is a culture of openness and honesty that pervades both the UK and India offices, alongside a clear set of core values, culture and retail specialisms that PMC represents.

Leadership and Inspiration

Recently recognised by in the 2021 Retail Systems Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Retail, PMC Founder and Chairman Paul Mason remains an inspirational figure for PMC employees and those who have worked with him over the last 20 years and more.

Paul’s original vision for PMC created a business which has provided strategy, technology transformation, assurance services and IT support to over 100 retail organisations. PMC has formed enduring partnerships with multiple vendors across the Retail Technology community, including Aptos, Enactor, Worldpay, Oracle, Flooid and Microsoft.

Rising to the challenge of 2020 and Beyond

In 2020, PMC experienced the same challenges as all global businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The number one priority was keeping employees in the UK and India safe, setting them up to work remotely and enabling them to operate effectively.

During the Pandemic, PMC set out to share its customers’ pain and work in partnership with them. This included providing some services free of charge, but not compromising service quality - thereby staying true to Paul Mason’s original philosophy of doing the right thing for its customers.

As most retail and B2C sectors finally emerge from the pandemic, PMC and it’s 400 co-located employees are more committed than ever to deliver better technology outcomes for retailers and B2C businesses, enabling customers to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.