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Celebrating PMC Skills and Expertise

At PMC, our people are our success, with the goal of delivering exceptional customer experience at the heart of everything we do. Our Testing teams are an excellent example of this and comprise highly skilled and experienced professional testers, who provide managed Testing Services with the flexibility and scalability needed by our customers

Across the last few years, our PMC Test Automation experts have taken part in a number of competitions that celebrate the skills and expertise of those in the Testing industry.

Our PMC teams have regularly competed in the Global Automation Hackathon, and most recently the Global Testing Retreat 2020, hosted by the Agile Testing Alliance.

Celebrating Excellence

The ‘Global Testing Retreat’ was one of the largest testing conferences hosted by the Agile Testing Alliance over the course of two days from 12th - 13th December. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the event went virtual, offering not only challenges and workshops but also keynote talks from industry leaders.

Our Automation experts took part in the Automathon. After two gruelling rounds and more than 90 participants, the top 9 contenders moved to the final round. PMC’s Hitesh Prajapti and Vishal Parmar were among the shortlisted finalists and incredibly went on to secure first and second position. 

In the presence of many other experts in their field, the PMC team secured third place against competitors from around the world. This alongside the individual wins for PMC Functional and Automation Test Analyst, Hitesh Prajapati and runner-up Vishal Parmar, also a Functional and Automation Test Analyst. A result that demonstrates the truly exceptional skills of our in-house experts.

Talking about their achievements

Congratulations to all our Automation experts who participated in the Hackathon. This is a great event to test ourselves and it clearly demonstrates that our people are the best out there. Well done to Hitesh and Vishal, a great achievement as Winner and Runner up.

Steve Smart, Director of Professional Services

Delivering Quality

Test Automation is recognised as the most effective means to deliver short release cycles and improved quality, alongside a faster time to market and reduced costs. PMC Test Automation services are backed by extensive research and development into the use of the latest technologies.

We are proud to support our teams in celebrating their skills and continuing to deliver exceptional results to customers. We are all looking forward to when competitions can resume in the coming months, when our team will no doubt be preparing to compete in the next Hackathon.

News of the PMC Testing team’s win was previously published at the time of the Hackathon success. We are remembering the achievements as a part of the 20 years of PMC celebrations.